Canyon Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

Incorporated in January 2011, Canyon Consultancy Pvt. Ltd (Canyon) is a young, dynamic Renewable Energy Consultancy firm, based in India. Focus is on providing consultancy and research for renewable energy (RE) projects on turn-key or consultative basis, for both large and small projects. We have successfully partnered with leading and long-standing equipment manufacturers and EPC contractors, to provide a one-stop solution. Our credentials with various State Government Agencies have involved us in suggestion making for policy formation activities with various departments. By merging consultative  and  contracting  expertise,  we  can carry RE  projects successfully   along with  our technical   partners  from  concept  to  commissioning.

Our  approach is to engineer customized solutions with the project’s unique objectives  and  challenges  in  mind  and  to  deliver  on  our promise  –  exceeding  client’s  expectations. We maintain a genuine and consistent commitment to our clients’ bottom-line

In nutshell, Canyon provides a truly unique and comprehensive solution for all your renewable project needs, such as Solar, Wind, Biomass, Small Hydro etc.

Our Approach & Values


We don’t sell. We consult. And therefore our approach to each and every project is to engineer customized solutions with our client’s best interest in mind. If we can’t build a solution that fits your needs, we say so.

In any industry, cookie-cutters solutions just don’t cut it. Our unique approach draws on the diversity and talents of our entire team, to deliver on our promise – exceeding your expectations


In partnership with Canyon, you gain not only our expertise in the Renewable Energy industry, but also our people and our values. In Capabilities and in values, Canyon delivers the total solutions for all the Renewable Energy projects, both large and small, from conceptual level to execution level.

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